Future Proof African Agricultural Supply Chains with Supply Chain Integrity

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Supply Chain Integrity (SCI) is an international business-minded advisory and research network for the development of supply chain integrity and future proof business in African agricultural food products and commodities.


SCI cuts through highly complex agricultural supply chains (value chains) and provides private sector supply chain actors an ‘innovative lens’ on African agricultural supply chains.


SCI achieves a high level of client satisfaction through its network of outstanding industry experts and an unconditional focus to provide innovative and future proof supply chain research and recommendations to business partners.


SCI helps for-profit partners source and sustain business in African agricultural food products and commodities.


SCI works with multi-disciplinary teams of senior consultants with expert knowledge of various agricultural commodity groups.




SCI Contact


Supply Chain Integrity Company & Foundation

Bart van der Linden, business development, partner at SCI






  • SCI Network Mission

    • Development of supply chain integrity and future proof business models in African agricultural food products and commodities and
    • Assessment and development of (sustainability claims on) value creation and impact of African agricultural supply chains




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