Research & Audit

Future Proof African Agricultural Supply Chains:

“New insights and knowledge updates on African agricultural commodities.”

Supply Chain Integrity (SCI) is an international business-minded advisory and research network for the development of supply chain integrity and future proof business in African agricultural food products and commodities.


SCI Research & Audit cuts through highly complex African agricultural supply chains (value chains) with a range of research and auditing services related to agricultural food products and commodities such as grains & oilseeds, livestock, dairy, timber, softs, fruits and vegetables.


SCI Research & Audit offers:


  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Verification & Assurance Audits
  • Tailor-made Research and Audits, such as Investigative Audits

  • SCI Network Mission

    • Development of supply chain integrity and future proof business models in African agricultural food products and commodities and
    • Assessment and development of (sustainability claims on) value creation and impact of African agricultural supply chains



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