Strategic Consultancy

Future Proof African Agricultural Supply Chains:

”Future proof business defines values, impact and an increased need for integrity as the three realities determining the strategy of your supply chain and your business.”


SCI Strategic Consultancy provides a broad range of strategic supply chain consultancy and assurance services in African agricultural food products and commodities.


SCI Strategic Consultancy cuts through highly complex agricultural supply chains (value chains) and provides private sector supply chain actors an ‘innovative lens’ on African agricultural supply chains.


SCI Strategic Consultancy uses Future Proof Business Models to understand, create and sustain business in African agricultural food products and commodities.


SCI works with multi-disciplinary teams of senior consultants with deep knowledge in various international agricultural supply chains.


SCI strives for, and achieve, a high level of client satisfaction through outstanding industry and functional competence and unconditional focus to provide innovative, sustainable and exceptional advice for our business partners.


SCI Strategic Consultancy offers business partners:


  • Future Proof Business Model Development and Supply Chain Strategy Development
  • Assessment of Supply Chain Values, Risks and Opportunities
  • Assessment of Supply Chain Impact, Risks and Opportunities
  • Tailor-made Advisory and Assurance, including Supplier Assessment and Development



  • SCI Network Values


    • Commitment: We are dedicated to our partners and to our responsibility for quality performance


    • Collaboration: We value diversity and seek synergy in perspectives


    • Courage & Respect: We challenge the status quo, check and share realities and operate with mutual respect

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