Future Proof African Agricultural Supply Chains with Supply Chain Integrity

”Supply Chain Integrity drives impact and resilience of  supply chains – while protecting brands and businesses.”

SCI Approach


Supply Chain Integrity (SCI) is an international business-minded advisory and research network for the development of supply chain integrity and future proof business in African agricultural food products and commodities.


SCI cuts through highly complex agricultural supply chains (value chains) and provides private sector supply chain actors an ‘innovative lens’ on African agricultural supply chains.


SCI achieves a high level of client satisfaction through its network of outstanding industry experts and an unconditional focus to provide innovative and future proof supply chain research and recommendations to business partners.


SCI helps for-profit partners source and sustain business in African agricultural food products and commodities through:


  • Quick Scan of Business and Supply Chain Strategy & Operations – using SCI Future Proof Business Model
  • Strategic Consultancy in Business and Supply Chain Strategy  – using SCI Future Proof Business Model
  • Research & Audit for Insights & Knowledge in Strategic & Operational Decision Making


SCI Future Proof Business Model


SCI Future Proof Business Model helps supply chain partners create and sustain business with shared values, including shared:


  • Brand Value (Business value – brand hygiene – functional and emotional trust – on/off product claims – public and consumer relations – risk management)
  • Chain Value (Chain analytics – producer organisation – chain optimization – traceability ‘to the max’ – tracking and tracing – on time payments – smart contracting – operational excellence – risk management)
  • Financial Value (Financial and operational return – price premium systems – ROI/WACC – investors relations – risk management)
  • Product Value (Quality management – quality production systems and protocols – crop life cycle management – climate smart technology – crop protection – crop nutrition – resource efficiency – agro-forestry – food/product safety – operational excellence – risk management)
  • Corporate Value (‘Own’ Company Values – corporate responsibilities – set of principles – business ethics – internalisation of externalities – do’s and don’ts – risk management)
  • Social Value (Labour rights – decent work – child/forced labour – gender equality – living income – social/rural development – health – water – sanitation – producer organization –  risk management)


SCI Future Proof Business Model helps supply chain partners create and sustain business with socio-economic impact, including:


  • Social Justice (For the ‘supply chain business community’)
  • Shared Benefits (Fair and equitable distribution of market based financial and non-financial benefits of supply chain business)
  • Sound Ecosystems (Strong infrastructures and governance at various levels safeguarding supply chain)
  • Strategic Alliances (Business partnerships – supply chain partnerships – partnership development, supply chain leadership network)
  • Optimal Profit (and Loss) (Financial and operational performance, resilience of operations, optimisation of financial results)
  • Optimal Capital Use (Financial transparency, equity finance, blended finance, pre-export (structured) finance, social venture capital)




  • SCI Network Values


    • Commitment: We are dedicated to our partners and to our responsibility for quality performance


    • Collaboration: We value diversity and seek synergy in perspectives


    • Courage & Respect: We challenge the status quo, check and share realities and operate with mutual respect

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